July 25, 2020

1.  A Wallet

I see many women's wallets and its amazing the things we stuff in them!! I always encourage my shoppers to use a slim wallet so it doesn't dictate the size of the bag you can carry! 

A couple thoughts: keep your receipts in a separate pouch in your bag and if you have an abundance of credit cards, only keep the ones you use all the time in your wallet. There are small cardholders that can hold the rest!


2.  Cell Phone

I like a cell phone cover that will stand out in my bag so I don't have to go searching every time my phone rings or I need to send a text!


3.  Keys

Keys in abundance can be quite heavy. Try to minimize what you cary on a day to day basis. Even the lightest handbag can become exceptionally heavy because of excessive keys on a key ring. Time to PURGE!


4.  Lipstick/Makeup

Lipstick is an essential in my bag! I like to keep mine in the interior top pocket so it is always accessible. You never know who you will run into while you're out and about!


5. Glasses/Sunglasses

This is always an issue. Some of the glass holders today are HUGE! Don't let your glass case determine which bag you can wear. There are soft glass cases that protect your glasses but take up much less space in your bag. Especially if you are like me and need 2 pairs.. a great pair of sunglasses and then glasses so I can read the menu!


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