Haute Shore Ryan MiniTote – Strut


Haute Shore Ryan MiniTote

Susie’s Insight:

After 23 years of having this business it takes a lot to get me super excited. I literally flipped when I saw the Haute Shore collection for the first time! I knew I found a winner!!!! Neoprene, as a fabrication, is new on the handbag scene. Neoprene is a fabrication that is used for wetsuits… This is brilliant !!!  Haute Shore  brings an upscale look to this cool new fabric.  The bags are fun, made in upscale designs as well as being durable, washable & light weight.

  • Product Color: Black Denim
  • Product Color: black white stripe
  • Material: neoprene, bungee cord


Black denim with white/black stripe. The MINI tote is trimmed with two bungee straps which looks totally fabulous & strong. Each tote has a very large and deep single pocket inside the bag that can easily fit a large cell phone car keys. The tote can be worn open or zipped. This neoprene tote is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Ultra light weight. Removable wristlet pouch.

Washable with mild soap.  Hang dry.  For coated editions hand wash recommended.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 5.5 in



neoprene, bungee cord


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